A highly-immersive, unfiltered look into one of the longest conflicts in the world, and the people surviving within it.


Filmmakers: Daniel McCabe
Year: 2017
Runtime: 91 mins
Country: DRC / United States / Canada / Qatar
Format: HD


This is Congo is a highly-immersive, unfiltered look into one of the longest conflicts in the world. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has seen more than five million conflict-related deaths, multiple regime changes and the wholesale impoverishment of its people in the past two decades. This is Congo immerses the viewer onto the frontlines of battle with key players including a whistleblower and military commanders to provide a truly unfiltered and unique look into the conflict plaguing Congo.


"A documentary of stunning beauty and tragic violence" - Screen Daily

"Beautiful and disquieting" - Variety

 "Brilliant and tragic, This Is Congo will break your heart." - Hammer to Nail

"This film is a masterpiece" - Unseen Film


Venice International Film Festival 2017

Camden International Film Festival 2017

IDFA 2017

DOC NYC 2017



Daniel  McCabe  is  a  New  York  based  photographer  and  director.  His  work  has  appeared  in National Geographic, The New York Times, BBC, Al Jazeera and CNN among others. This is Congo is Daniel’s first feature-length documentary.




Director / Producer: Daniel Mccabe

Producer: Geoff Mclean

Editor / Producer: Alyse Ardell Spiegel

Field Producer: Horeb Bulambo Shindano

Voice of Kasongo: Isaach De Bankole

Composer: Johnny Klimek

Executive Producer: Joslyn Barnes

Executive Producer: Karol Martesko-Fenster

Executive Producer: Michael Cohl

Executive Producers: Gernot Schaffler / Thomas Brunner