Unique, uplifting and heartbreaking, The Network is the story of Afghanistan’s first independent television network – TOLO TV – and the family behind it.


Filmmakers: Eva Orner
Year: 2012
Runtime: 97 mins
Country: UK/Australia
Format: HD

Variety - "Orner artfully and engagingly fashions a portrait of television as a form of entertainment and an agent of change."

The Guardian - "This could be the pick of SBS’s typically impressive collection of summer documentaries." 


Winner of the Grand Prize for Best Documentary Feature at the Heartland Film Festival 2013


SXSW 2013

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2013

Rio International Film Festival 2013

The Heartland Film Festival 2013

Antenna Documentary Festival 2013

Bergen International Film Festival 2013

CPH:DOX 2013


Unique, uplifting and heartbreaking, The Network is the story of Afghanistan’s first independent television network – TOLO TV – and the family behind it.

In 2002, Kabul was emerging from five years of Taliban terror. It was a city in ruins cast back in time hundreds of years. Under the Taliban, all forms of media except the state-run radio station had been outlawed and public executions had become one of the few forms of entertainment.

With unprecedented access, Australian, LA based Academy and Emmy award winning filmmaker, Eva Orner, reveals the inspiring story of the Mohseni family - brothers Saad, Jahid, Zaid and sister Wajma - as they return to Afghanistan from Australia to help rebuild their country. They knew nothing about the media, but they know about running a successful business and are passionate about giving the Afghan people a voice that had been taken away from them for so long.

TOLO TV has grown to be Afghanistan’s largest and most successful television networks employing over 800 Afghans producing news, current affairs, drama, comedy, music, and lifestyle programs. But as the country faces the impending withdrawal of foreign troops, and with security rapidly deteriorating, the team behind TOLO TV are set to face their biggest challenge yet.


Eva wrote, directed and produced The Network. After twelve years making documentaries, scripted feature films and television in Australia, Eva arrived in the US in 2004, ever the romantic, following her heart. While the love didn’t last long, Eva quickly found success in her adopted home of New York and three and a half years after her arrival found herself onstage at the Kodak Theatre holding a little golden man. Eva moved to LA shortly after.

Eva’s producing credits include the feature documentaries Taxi To The Dark Side, Gonzo: The Life And Works Of Dr. Hunter S Thompson, The Human Behavior Experiments and Herbie Hancock’s Possibilities. Her work has screened at festivals including Cannes, Sundance, Tribeca and Sydney, has been released theatrically and sold to television across the globe. Eva has written, directed and produced a number of large industrials for the NRDC, the largest environmental lobby group in the world. She has worked with people as varied as Johnny Depp to Sheryl Crow to Graydon Carter.

Eva is fearless. In the passed two years she spent three months living in Afghanistan where she dodged bullets and suicide bombings, almost stepped on a landmine and had the time of her life. A few months prior to Afghanistan Eva broke her foot in Pristina, Kosovo. Eva has just returned from Beirut where she is shooting her latest feature documentary Out of Iraq about gay Iraqi refugees seeking asylum in the US. She is known for putting everyday people at ease in front of the camera and making them look beautiful. Eva is as comfortable working with everyday people as A list celebrities. Not a lot fazes Eva. She is simply obsessed with great stories and finding them an audience. 


Director/ Writer/ Producer: Eva Orner

Co-Producer/ Editor: Luis Lopez

Co-Producer/ Co-Editor: Darrin Roberts

Executive Producer: Hani Farsi

Director of Photography: Abazar Khayami

Composer: Mark Rivett