With just a pair of wire cutters, deminer Fakhir disarms thousands of explosive mines across Mosul (Iraq) - a task that could cost him his life but save the lives of thousands.

The Deminer - Dogwoof Documentary


Filmmakers: Hogir Hirori & Shinwar Kamal
Country: Sweden
Runtime: 83'
Year: 2017
Format: HD



After the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003 Fakhir, a father of eight and Major in the Iraq armed forces, goes on a mission to disarm the thousands of mines laid across Mosul. Shown via home movie footage shot by his fellow troops and discovered by his son years later, the videos show how Fakhir manages to disarm thousands of mines with just a simple knife and a pair of wire clippers. Despite many near-misses Fakhir knows he cannot stop while there are still mines in the city because the innocent people will pay the ultimate price.



IDFA 2017

CPH:DOX 2018


"Subtle and intriguing, showing the beauty of light as it plays against these cruel killing fields." - Screen Daily

"It’s breathless, verité viewing" - i-D


Hogir Hirori (director) was born 1980 in Duhok, Iraqi kurdistan. In 1999, he fled to Sweden and lives since then in Stockholm. He works as a freelance photographer, editor and director. He runs his own production company Lolav Media. Hogir’s most recent documentary, “The girl who saved my life” had its world premiere at the Göteborg Film Festival 2016, where it received The Angelos Award for Best Swedish Feature. The film has been travelling after that to more than 20 international film festivals worldwide and aired on several broadcasters such as SVT, DR, 3-Sat, ERT1, Al-Jazeera. 

Shinwar Kamal (co-director) lives and works in the field of media and cinema since 2009 in Duhok (Iraqi Kurdistan).  


Director: Hogir Hirori

Co-director: Shinwar Kamal

Producer: Antonio Russo Merenda, Hogir Hirori

Cinematographer: Shinwar Kamal, Firas Bakrmani, Erik Vallsten

Music: Mohammed Zaki

Editor: Hogir Hirori


Special Jury Award - IDFA 2017