What begins as a seemingly isolated incident of a 13-year-old boy killing his three-year-old sister slowly dissolves into the illuminating the anatomy of a broken family.


Filmmakers: Katie Green and Carlye Rubin
Year: 2017
Runtime: 77 mins
Format: HD
Country: USA


Charity walks a fine line between love and fear of her son Paris. It’s been ten years since he killed her daughter and she is left questioning his chance at redemption and her ability to forgive. We peel back the layers to reveal a family history previously marked by intra-family violence as she embraces motherhood for a third time with a new baby boy. Multiple accounts allow for conflicting points of view, leaving the audience questioning where the ultimate truth and accountability lies.


"Truly phenomenal piece of work, just one shocking revelation after the next." - New York Observer

"Whatever you do, don't miss this" - Paper Magazine


Katie Green, Co-Director/Producer:
Katie has worked in documentaries since 2006. Her filmography includes “In Prison My Whole Life” and “Starsuckers” which played at numerous international film festivals and screened on True Stories and Sundance Channel. Most recently she co-directed the HBO documentary “The (Dead Mothers) Club” with Carlye.

Carlye Rubin, Co-Director/Producer:
Carlye worked on documentaries including "The Swell Season", "Capitalism: A Love Story" and "Thank You Mr. President: Helen Thomas At The White House" before making her directorial debut with
“The (Dead Mothers) Club” (HBO, May 2014). She is now co-directing ‘The Family I Had’ as well as “No Place For Children”.


Directed and Produced: Katie Green & Carlye Rubin

Edited and Produced: Tina Grapenthin

Executive Produced: Anna Godas, Julie Goldman, Carolyn Hepburn, Chris Clements, Marc Abrams

Associate Produced: Mishy Balaban, Patty Casby, Ilona Ontell & Debbie Wilpon

Music: T. Griffin


Tribeca Film Festival 2017

DocAviv 2017

Melbourne International Film Festival 2017

Camden International Film Festival 2017