Natalya is the definitive film about the breathtaking sport of free-diving, told through the story of Natalya Mochanova, the greatest free diver the world has ever known.


Directors: Gayan Petrosyan/Martin Herring
Executive Producer: Matthew Heineman
Year: 2017
Format: HD


This is the story of Natalya Molchanova, the greatest free diver the world has ever known. In August 2015 she went missing in the seas off Formentera in the Mediterranean. Her body has never been found. 

For the first time a film will unravel the mysteries of her life and death.  It is a journey into the life of a single mother who at 40 years old  dedicated the rest of her life to becoming a multiple world champion  and record holder in the most dangerous of extreme sports. 

With exclusive access to family members, their archives and those closest to Natalya, we’ll travel through the experiences of a woman who broke free from the shackles of limited expectations, a cruel marriage,  and a late start…. How she used sport, magic and love to push the limits  of human endurance with one single breath


Directors: Gayane Petrosyan, Martin Herring

Producer: Mike Lerner