Sophisticated and gregarious, yet shy and insecure, Michael Hutchence was the perfect mix of contradictions. Mystify is an intimate portrait that uncovers the secret and mysterious side of the lead singer and songwriter of INXS.

One Child Nation+-+Dogwoof


Michael Hutchence came to epitomise the very definition of leather clad sexually magnetic rock front man, but underneath it all he was a poetic and gentle soul. While seducing the world’s most desirable women, his childhood sweetheart remained a life-long confidante until the day he died. His famously uninhibited stage performances were only made possible when protecting himself from the audience in a myopic out-of-focus cocoon. The film presents an intimate narrative portrait imbued with authenticity, warmth and humour as Michael’s friends, lovers, band-members, family, collaborators - and Hutchence himself - guide us through a trajectory from unconventional fractured childhood to charismatic, turbulent and ultimately tragic public stardom; the quintessential Rock God.

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Filmmakers: Richard Lowenstein
Country: UK, Australia
Year: 2019
Runtime: TBC
Format: HD