“How much does your building weigh, Mr. Foster?” is the first feature film focused on the architect Norman Foster and it will be the beginning of a series of productions on the key figures of the art and culture of the XXI century.


Filmmakers: Norberto Lopez Amado & Carlos Carcas
Year: 2010
Runtime: 78 mins
Country: UK, Spain, Germany, USA, Switzerland, France, China, Hong Kong
Format: HD

"Hugely Enjoyable"– Philip French, The Observer


The film shows Norman Foster’s journey from Manchester to a global practice. It talks about architecture, and why it matters, and how difficult it is to do it well. Norman Foster has rewritten the rules of architecture. His vision and unswerving passion for excellence have created some of the most exceptional structures of our times. Architecture comes alive.

Foster’s projects are photographed in a cinematic style that seeks to bring the spectacular nature of their size and scale to the big screen. It also speaks to the specialists and the priesthood of design, but it is not just for them. It speaks to everybody who has ever been excited by a work of art, or who has understood that some spaces have special qualities that others do not share. It’s for everybody who has been excited by the daring of a bridge, jutting out into space, or by the spectacle of a skyscraper that can define the identity of a city. It portrays how the world of art has influenced Foster and how Foster has brought the world of art into his design. Art, for the sake of the pleasure if gives and how, when combined with architecture, it leads to something greater and more uplifting that the sum of the two. It celebrates the special qualities of some of the most extraordinary structures of our times, and explores what it was that made them possible


Norberto López Amado – Director
Tito López Amado has been working for the past 20 years as a filmmaker on diverse projects in cinema, television, and advertising. Born in Orense, Spain and based in Madrid, he studied law and film direction. In 1989, he joined the Spanish EFE news agency as a correspondent, covering diverse stories around the world such as the first Gulf War. He moved into the field of cinema directing a number of documentaries and short feature-films. His first full-length feature film, “Nos Miran”, was a commercial success and was well received by critics worldwide. He is currently considered one of the leading directors of episodic television in Spain. Lopez’s second feature film, “Zig Zag” is in pre-production.

Carlos Carcas – Director
Carlos Carcas is an independent documentary filmmaker based in Madrid. Born in Miami, Florida in 1968, he began working in film production after graduating from Boston University’s College of Communication. He worked for several years for the international press agency Worldwide Television News (WTN) as a freelance cameraman and news producer in Peru, Haiti, Bosnia, Liberia and Spain. He has collaborated with Spanish director Fernando Trueba on several projects. Among them, Carcas shot and edited “Blanco & Negro” which won the Latin Grammy in 2006 for the best long-format music video. Carcas also worked with Trueba on “The Miracle of Candeal”, winner of the Spanish’s academy’s Goya prize for best documentary. In 2008, Carcas released “Old Man Bebo”, his first feature length documentary, which he wrote, directed and edited. With this work, he was awarded the prize for best new documentary filmmaker at the Tribecca film Festival in 2008.


Directors: Norberto López Amado & Carlos Carcas

Producer: Elena Ochoa

Executive Producer: Antonio Sanz

Writer and narrator: Deyan Sudjic

Music: Joan Valent

Director of Photography: Valentín Álvarez

Editor: Paco Cozar


Berlinale 2010, Panorama Section -
world premiere

Melbourne International Film Festival

Montreal Films Monde Film Festival

Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival

Sao Paulo International Film Festival

Palm Springs International Film Festival

Hong Kong International Film Festival