From the director of the BAFTA-nominated Sherpa and narrated by Willem Dafoe, Mountain explores the nature of our modern fascination with mountains in collaboration with one of the greatest chamber orchestras in the world.


Filmmakers: Jen Peedom
Narrated by: Willem Dafoe
Year: 2017
Runtime: 74 mins
Country: Australia
Format: HD


Mountain is a cinematic and musical collaboration between acclaimed director Jen Peedom (Sherpa) and the Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO), one of the greatest chamber orchestras in the world. Mountain will look at the troubled and triumphant history of our timeless fascination with mountains…a juxtaposition of image and music to explore the powerful force that mountains hold over the imagination of so many. From Antarctica to Hawaii, the canvas for Mountain is immense.


Melbourne International Film Festival 2017

Busan International Film Festival 2017

San Sebastian Film Festival 2017

London Film Festival 2017

CPH:DOX 2018



"A 70-minute rush of adrenaline; a safari into the sublime" ★★★★ - The Guardian 

"These images…are sublime" ★★★★ - Sydney Morning Herald Review

"A sublime rush of adrenaline and orchestral beauty" ★★★★ - The Guardian

"One of the most visceral essay films ever made, with Peedom and her Sherpa altitude cinematographer Renan Ozturk unfurling a series of glistening images that should be seen only on the biggest of big screens."  - The Hollywood Reporter

"Inexpressibly beautiful, breathtaking yet terrifying images from snow-capped peaks and vertical cliff faces" - CineVue




Jen Peedom is a BAFTA nominated director, well known for her gripping, intimate portraits of people in extreme circumstances. Her credits include the internationally renowned documentaries Sherpa, Miracle On Everest, Living The End and Solo, which played in the Official Selection of major documentary festivals including IDFA and Sheffield and won numerous awards including an AFI for Best Documentary.




Writer/ Director: Jen Peedom

Music: Australian Chamber Orchestra

Narrated by: Willem Dafoe

Producers: Jo-anne McGowan and Jen Peedom

Artistic Director/ Composer: Richard Tognetti

Cinematographer: Renan Ozturk

Editor: Christian Gazal