Ben Goertzel, a renowend computers expert, has dedicated his life to developing a higher form of intelligence. Ben and his team have to overcome personal, professional and financial problems as they try to create the next step in evolution.


Filmmakers: Roy Cohen
Year: 2016
Runtime: 52'/90'
Country: UK
Format: HD


A.I. guru Ben Goertzel grew up in a hippie community during the Vietnam War. Inspired by
science fiction, he imagined a perfect rational world that would transcend the violence of
1970s’ America. Since then, Ben has dedicated his life to developing OpenCog, a software that
models the human mind. If Ben’s design works, OpenCog will become a human-like general
intelligence. But for OpenCog to work, it needs a body.

Shot over the course of 2 years, this film follows Ben’s attempts to create an OpenCog
prototype in Hong Kong. But pursuing a dream of this scale is an arduous task. As difficulties
pile up, people from Ben’s past cast doubt over his ability to deliver the dream.


Roy Cohen is an Israeli-French filmmaker, who has worked in the Israeli and American film industries. A member of ESoDoc’s 2014 class (Creative Europe’s documentary development platform), Roy
has been selected for prestigious scholarships by several Israeli film institutes, such as Gesher Foundation and the New Fund for Cinema. Since 2010, Roy has conducted interviews with philosophers and scientists about the future of technology. Roy graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University, where he studied Neuroscience and Filmmaking.


Director: Roy Cohen

Producer: Mike Lerne

Director of Photography: Richard Gillespie

Editor: Gregor Lyon


Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016

DocAviv 2016

DOC NYC 2016

CPH:DOX 2017