Night after night, La Mami unlocks the door and reveals the guarded restroom of the Cabaret Barba Azul's dancers.

La Mami


Inside the bathroom of the legendary Cabaret Barba Azul in Mexico City, La Mami offers support to the women who come to the club to earn money as dancers. Night after night the restroom is a safe space for the women. Priscilla is new to this world but she has to come, every night, to pay for the care of her sick child.


Director: Laura Herrero Garvin

Producers: Laura Imperiale for Cacerola Films, Patricia Franquesa for Gadea Films, Laia Zanon for Gadea Films

Cinematography: Laura Herrero Garvin

Editing: Lorenzo Mora Salazar, Ana Pfaff

Sound: Eloisa Diez


Filmmaker: Laura Herrero Garvin
Country: Spain, Mexico
Year: 2019
Runtime: 79'
Format: HD


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