Generation Wealth is the fruition of a twenty-five-year documentary inquiry into what has been called “the influence of affluence”. In the era when Donald Trump becomes president, Lauren Greenfield's film is a searing exploration of the aspiration for wealth.

Generation Wealth (c) Lauren Greenfield INSTITUTE.jpeg


Filmmakers: Lauren Greenfield
Country: USA
Year: 2018
Format: HD

Sundance - Generation Wealth


A collection of Generation Wealth photographs is being published as Donald Trump becomes president of the United States. Perhaps more than any other public figure, Trump represents the culture that the Generation Wealth Project chronicled. These people’s stories inspired photographer and filmmaker Lauren Greenfield to portray the aspiration for wealth in a feature length documentary and show how that has become a driving force for individuals from all classes of society. Perhaps Trump - and Trumpism - becomes far more understandable after a trip through Greenfield’s America.



Sundance 2018