Five men took a land with no future and turned it into one of the most important wine producing regions in the world. Today, they are known as The Magnificent Five. And they saw their dream come true, all the while drinking good wine.


Filmmakers: David Fernández de Castro
Year: 2016
Runtime: 52/68 mins
Country: Spain
Format: HD










Priorat. A region boasting 150 wineries, high-end wines on worldwide top ten lists and at fancy restaurants across the globe. But just 30 years ago, it had just 4 wineries and they were producing table wine.  

Eight centuries of wine production were on the brink of extinction. The young locals were fleeing to find work. Priorat was at the bottom of the barrel. How is such a radical transformation possible? They’re called the Magnificent Five. A handful of pioneers who came to Priorat in the early 80s. Seen as a bunch of hippies upstarts, few of the remaining locals had any confidence in them. But they brought talent
and perseverance to the table and the locals brought hard work and their own tenacity at having kept
grape-growing alive even while the region was in decline.  

This is the story of The Magnificent Five and the people of Priorat. How together, they turned a declining area into one of the most vibrant wine producing regions in Spain and the world, and found a future in their wine.


David Fernández de Castro has been working in documentaries for more than 15 years. He has directed documentaries of a variety of contents as: politics, history, art, or social affairs. His works has been screened at the Catalan and Spanish National TV, and, his last documentary, “Ajoblanco, a chronicle in red and black” has been selected at the Malaga Film Festival, Docs Barcelona and Documenta Madrid.


Director: David Fernandez de Castro

Producers: Tono Folguera and  Belen Sanchez

Cinematography: Roman Parrado

Editor: Carlos Prieto

Sound Design: Diego Casares