Sea of Shadows wows in the US

After wowing audiences at Sundance where it took home the Audience Award, National Geographic's Sea of Shadows has received an amazing response from critics and audiences following it’s US release. A rescue mission unlike any other to save the most elusive whale species on earth at the mercy of Mexican cartels and Chinese traffickers unfolds in Sea of Shadows from director Richard Ladkani (The Ivory Game) and executive producer Leonardo DiCaprio. See below a selection of the best press from the first weekend of release:


“A heart-grabbing exposé”


“A suspenseful, wide-screen drama filled with gunfire, cartels and corruption.”

New York Times

“A chilling real-life criminal thriller set in a save-the-seas world.”

Los Angeles Times

“Heroic and heartbreaking ... urgent and suspenseful ... Taps into a deep vein of hope.”

The Hollywood Reporter

“Makes exquisite use of ocean photography.” - Thom Powers, Pure Nonfiction Podcast
“Plays like a high-tension drug-cartel thriller.”


“The heroes are those who refuse to stop shouting, even when everything suggests they’re wasting their breath.”

Salt Lake City Weekly

“An eco-thriller that shares far more in common with ‘Traffic,’ both aesthetically and narratively, than your average environmental doc. Ladkani has a way with conveying just how big the stakes are and brings them to land.”

The Moveable Fest