Jurassic World and its Resemblance to Blackfish

Blackfish and Jurassic World

Similarites between the new cinema release Jurassic World and the 2013 documentary Blackfish are being noticed by moviegoers all over.

There is no doubt that Jurassic World touched on animal rights through the dinosaurs' captivity which was eerily similar to the captivity of killer whales in Blackfish. According to the Washington Post, "The [Jurassic World] filmmakers not-so-doubtedly raise ideas about the moral issues of raising animal in captivity - and what can go horribly wrong." 

Banning cetacean captivity

In other Blackfish news, Canada is making big moves in banning the captivity of whales and dolphins. A canadian senator introduced a federal bill that would make captivity of whales, dolphins and porpoises illegal. You can read more details on this and other moves to ban captivity via Vice.

63 countries currently hold cetaceans in captivity, with the highest numbers found in Japan, China, USA, Russia and Mexico. Countries that have banned the keeping of dolphins in captivity so far include Croatia, Cyprus and Switzerland. Read more on the current state of Cetaceans in captivity from

Kelly Slater, surfer, has something to say to SeaWorld

My name is Kelly Slater, and I’m here on behalf of PETA. The veil has been lifted on SeaWorld. All the ads in the world won’t change what the public now knows to be true: that the company imprisons highly intelligent, emotionally complex, social animals in tiny, barren concrete tanks, which leads to aggression and disease.

SeaWorld is experiencing declining attendance and revenue, and dozens of companies, including Southwest Airlines, Panama Jack, and Mattel, have recently ended partnerships with SeaWorld.

As a professional surfer, I’m lucky and privileged to be able to spend the majority of my time in the ocean – it’s the place where I feel most at home, and thus, I feel an obligation to protect that which I have a voice in influencing.

Please, tell us, when will SeaWorld allow the animals it holds captive to return to their home – the ocean – by retiring them to a seaside sanctuary? And wouldn’t this at least be viewed, if nothing else, as a public relations win for you?

By righting the wrongs you have committed in the name of corporate profit for so many years, you may actually be able to recoup some of the respect that has been lost in the eyes of the public and work toward an end to the problem of animal suffering. Thank you.

You can read more on why SeaWorld didn't hear this message from Kelly on Surfer Magazine.

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