Women Make Film

TIFF premiere of Women Make Film

women make film tiff veterans.jpg

TIFF 2019 saw the premiere of Mark Cousins’ WOMEN MAKE FILM, an epic survey of the history of women in film. This project, which was four years in the making, stretches across a span of fourteen hours and is described as a ‘film school through the eyes of women.’ WOMEN MAKE FILM had an emotional and memorable premiere, thanks to the sixteen ‘veterans’ that managed to watch the whole documentary – fourteen hours, spread over five days at TIFF. Their incredible dedication provided the most fantastic launch for the film, which has enjoyed a brilliant reception among critics and networks alike. It has been picked up for US distribution by Turner Classic Movies, Kanopy, the Criterion Collection and Cohen Media Group, a deal brokered by Dogwoof. You can read more about these deals on the Variety article, here https://dogwoof.org/2mem1Qw.

ABC have also written positively about the series, lauding it as ‘a personal, roving exploration of a cinema terrain often forgotten, overlooked or underappreciated’, and saying that ‘its abiding tenor is one of awe, reverence and celebration'. Read more of the article here https://dogwoof.org/2ku95FL.