New acquisition Women Make Film premieres at venice

Filmmaker and writer Mark Cousins returns with a landmark 16-hour project celebrating female directors around the world in Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema. Venice Festival is set to premiere the first four hours with narration by Academy Award® winner Tilda Swinton who will also executive produce the project.

Using almost a thousand film extracts from thirteen decades and five continents, Mark Cousins asks how films are made, shot and edited; how stories are shaped and how movies depict life, love, politics, humour and death, all through the compelling lens of some of the world’s greatest directors – all of them women. 

Mark Cousins said: “Many films about cinema feature mostly male directors – Women Make Film challenges that.  It tries to change the canon.  It’s not about the lives of these great directors, it’s about their work.  It is a film school, where all the teachers are female. The intention of this film is to, as Diaghilev and Cocteau said, “astonish us.”  To campaign for equality in cinema is compellingly right and part of that campaign must be to celebrate the great women directors from around the world and from every decade, to insert them into the canon where they rightly belong and from which they have been excluded by many film historians, mostly male.”
Tilda Swinton writes, “Cinema: the great empathy machine. The ultimate invitation to walk in other people’s shoes, to look through their eyes, follow their thoughts, make their connections.  This is the radical project of cinema itself. It transforms - it liberates us as we watch. It makes us fit for evolution.”
Directed and written by Mark Cousins; produced by John Archer for Hopscotch films, Dogwoof will represent Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema for international sales and present the first four hours to buyers in Venice. This latest deal will mark the fourth collaboration between Dogwoof and Mark Cousins, the sales agent also has The Eyes of Orson Welles on their current slate and the distribution arm released A Story of Children and Film and The First Movie to UK audiences.