Generation Wealth picks up press ahead of the US & UK release

Generation Wealth will be opening in cinemas across the country in the US and the UK next week on the 20 July.

Ahead of the release in the US and the UK next week, critics have been enthralled by the images and stories shared in the film and Greenfield's exploration of the aspiration for wealth. The film has attracted coverage included a front cover of the UK's The Observer Magazine.  

25 years in the making the film follows the filmmaker Lauren Greenfield’s journey as she delves into the materialist, image-obsessed culture of the wealthy. Critics have been horrified yet enthralled by the images and stories shared in the film. Audiences should prepare for an emotional journey of luxury, pain and self realisation.



"A New Documentary Examines The Lives Of The 1 Percent" - Vogue

"Generation wealth: how the modern world fell in love with money" - The Guardian

"Most vulgar, sickening and deeply thought-provoking films you'll see all year" ★★★★★ - Miro

"Compelling" ★★★★ - Time Out

★★★★ - The Times

"Capture a sense of a society in decline" ★★★★ - The Upcoming

"Gold, bling, perfection, power: photographer Lauren Greenfield debunks the American Dream" ★★★★ - Culture Whisper

“A dazzling, dismaying exploration of the pursuit of gigantic wealth” - Socialist Review

"An ambitious and also infuriating look at the pursuit of riches" - The Hollywood Reporter

"A compelling, damning cultural observation and testament to Greenfield’s own visual artistry." - Screen Daily

"Greenfield’s willingness to show her own vulnerabilities – such as they are for a workaholic bent on chronicling the decline of western civilization – gives the film its heart." - The Wrap

"One of the best documentaries of 2018" - SlashFilm