Generation Wealth UK Premiere at Sundance

After the successful world premiere at Sundance Film Festival, Generation Wealth has its UK premiere at its sister festival in London next week.

The director of The Queen of Versailles (U.S. Documentary Directing Award, 2012 Sundance Film Festival), Lauren Greenfield once again captured materialistic and image-obsessed culture. Over 25 years, Lauren Greenfield has depicted youth culture, gender issue, body image and affluence in her documentary photography and film projects. In her latest film Generation Wealth, Lauren Greenfield’s viewpoint and insight about global boom-bust economy, the corrupted American Dream, and the human costs of late stage capitalism, narcissism and greed are contained. Especially, the film can have a special meaning to audiences living in the era when Donal Trump becomes a president. The film will be screened on 2nd and 3rd of June at Picturehouse Central. Find out more here



"An ambitious and also infuriating look at the pursuit of riches" - The Hollywood Reporter

"A compelling, damning cultural observation and testament to Greenfield’s own visual artistry." - Screen Daily

"Greenfield’s willingness to show her own vulnerabilities – such as they are for a workaholic bent on chronicling the decline of western civilization – gives the film its heart." - The Wrap

"One of the best documentaries of 2018" - SlashFilm