Dogwoof Docs in New York

The Kleptocrats and The Ice King shared great success at this year’s DOC NYC.

The Kleptocrats made its world premiere in the Big Apple wowing audiences with the gripping story of the one of the worlds biggest financial crimes, an investigation that began with 3.5 billion dollars were stolen from a Malaysian government fund.. Screen Daily described the film as an “accessible, engaging to the point of jaw-dropping”.

The Ice King enjoyed its New York premiere with filmmaker James Erskine in attendance for a post-film Q&A. After watching the film Scott Allen, two-time U.S. men’s champion and Olympic Bronze medallist, described The Ice King as “a stunning example of the fusion of skating and art… there was no higher example of that than John Curry” in NBC Sports.

The kleptocrats press

"Accessible, engaging to the point of jaw-dropping, it makes the most of a fascinating story and should find a welcome at festivals and beyond following its Doc NYC premiere." - Screen Daily

"Bombshell documentary" - Page Six

"Jaw-dropping irony" - Daily Beast