New acquisition The Kleptocrats premiering at DOC NYC

We’re pleased to announce the acquisition The Kleptocrats, a film directed by Sam Hobkinson and Havana Marking and written by Louise Story, Sam Hobkinson and Havana Marking. An incredible insider’s look at how investigative journalists uncovered a trail of stolen billions leading from Hollywood to the top echelons of the Malaysian Government, The Kleptocrats will make its world premiere in November at Doc NYC. The film will be available to buyers at MIP and AFM.

“We are delighted to be working with Dogwoof to bring this film to a wider audience. For the film-makers and journalists involved it represents many years of hard, passionate, and in some cases dangerous work. While being a damning indictment of greed, we hope it will also be a compelling and thrilling insight into the uncovering of a financial scandal of global proportions.” Says Sam Hobkinson, director.

Presented by Rubber Duckie Productions, The Kleptocrats was directed by Sam Hobkinson and Havana Marking (Afghan Star), produced by Mike Lerner for Roast Beef Productions, and executive produced by Alex Soros, Louise Story, Mike Lerner and Anna Godas for Dogwoof.

“We were blown away by the determined investigative work of journalists from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Hollywood Reporter to unravel this global scandal. It’s a prime example of how quality journalism can empower people to fight back against greed and corruption. We look forward to sharing this important work with our buyers,” adds Anna Godas, CEO, Dogwoof