Richard Linklater - dream is destiny released in US cinemas

Richard Linklater - dream is destiny was released in cinemas and on demand in the US on Friday August 5th. Next up the film will be released in UK cinemas on November 4th.

A feature documentary on the life and work of filmmaker, Richard Linklater. This is an unusual look at a fiercely independent style of filmmaking that arose from Austin, Texas in the 80s/90's and how Linklater's films sparked a low budget movement in the US and around the world.

The first couple of reviews have been released and prove that Richard Linklater is endearing on camera not simply behind one.

"A fun, wily, and infectious portrait-of-the-artist documentary, filled with things we haven’t seen before (there’s a ton of footage of Linklater on the set), crafted with a deep curiosity about the mysterious, ever-changing nature of how movies actually get made." - Variety

"The rare documentary tribute in which you actually believe that all its interviewees only have positive things to say about the subject" - Village Voice