New Acquisitions: Kate Plays Christine & Life, Animated

Dogwoof have picked up the world rights (excluding the US) to Sundance Award Winners - Kate Plays Christine & Life, Animated.

Please see below information from the Sundance Awards Ceremony

U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award for Writing

Kate Plays Christinedirected by Robert Greene

Greene comes out with his daughter Ella, and calls out his son Wilkie and wife Deanna. He also calls out DP Sean Price Williams and actress Kate Lyn Sheil, who aren’t in attendance.

Greene: “This is Ella, I didn’t bring her up as a prop. This is what this is all about. A documentary award for writing. That’s pretty rad. It doesn’t even make sense. I started making docs because I hate writing screenplays. Thanks everybody for taking a chance on the film. Everyone who made this possible. Anyone who sat through our movie and rooted for it, thanks so much. Get some water.”

Lynch: “To a film that artfully avoids cliches by taking us into an overlooked world.”

Directing Award: U.S. Documentary

Life, Animateddirected by Roger Ross Williams

Williams comes out with producer Judy Goldman, editor David Teague and two other collaborators.

Williams: “Alright, I’m overwhelmed. You know in the age of #OscarSoWhite and lack of diversity in Hollywood, I want to thank the Institute for thinking of artists like me. You never directing a vacuum so I want to thank my producer, my editor...everyone who worked on this film. Owen Suskind is an amazing individual. He taught me that people with autism have so much to teach the world. Thank you so much.”

Taika returns to the stage to introduce Mark Adams, the artistic director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Adams: “Can i just say briefly thanks to Sundance for letting an English guy come over and be on this jury.”

“To a remarkable film of creativity, humor and deft insight. Rich and often breathtaking sense of design. Never less than provocative,” says Adams.