New Sundance Acquisition: Weiner

Dogwoof have acquired the rights to another Sundance Premiere title: Weiner.

weiner sundance documentary film.jpg

Many politicians have seen their careers careen off the tracks, but few instances have been captured so completely on film as the incisive and painfully funny Weiner. With unprecedented access to Anthony Weiner, his family, and his campaign team as they mount his New York City mayoral campaign, the film documents the impending political meltdown of epic proportions. What begins as an unexpected comeback from a disgraced ex-congressman takes a sharp turn once Weiner is forced to admit to new sexting allegations. As the media descends and rips apart his every move, Weiner tries desperately to forge ahead, but the increasing pressure and crippling 24-hour news coverage halts his political aspirations dead in their tracks.

Weiner deftly teeters the line between political farce and personal tragedy, exposing the ex-congressman’s hubris while highlighting the sheer ugliness of the media’s takedown of his family. With the city of New York as a loud and bustling backdrop, this documentary charges through an increasingly baffling political campaign with unflinching clarity, humor, and pathos.

See below 'Meet the Artists' from Sundance featuring the two directors Elyse Steinberg and Josh Kriegman.

Josh Kriegman
Josh Kriegman directed, shot, and produced Weiner, his first independent feature documentary. He has previously directed non-fiction film and television for PBS and MTV, among others. Prior to filmmaking, Kriegman worked as a political consultant and campaign advisor for local and national candidates—including for Congressman Weiner, years before the sexting scandal that led to his resignation.

Elyse Steinberg
Elyse Steinberg wrote, produced, and directed the acclaimed feature documentary The Trial of Saddam Hussein (PBS), an explosive exposé on what really happened at the former dictator’s trial. Her other credits include directing and producing for MTV, A&E, and the PBS series Need to Know, about prison reform and juvenile justice. Steinberg's latest project is the documentary film Weiner.