The most explosive literary scandal of our time. Takes us down the infinitely fascinating rabbit hole of how Laura Albert breathed not only words, but life, into her avatar for a decade.


Filmmakers: Jeff Feuerzeig
Year: 2016
Runtime: 110 mins
Country: USA
Format: HD


Author: The JT LeRoy Story takes us down the infinitely fascinating rabbit hole of how Laura Albert—like a Cyrano de Bergerac on steroids—breathed not only words, but life, into her avatar for a decade. Albert’s epic and entertaining account plunges us into a glittery world of rock shows, fashion events, and the Cannes red carpet where LeRoy becomes a mysterious sensation. As she recounts this astonishing odyssey, Albert also reveals the intricate web spun by irrepressible creative forces within her. Her extended and layered JT LeRoy performance still infuriates many; but for Albert, channeling her brilliant fiction through another identity was the only possible path to self-expression.


''Laura Albert, the real author behind fabricated sensation JT LeRoy, tells her side of the story in Jeff Feuerzeig’s endlessly riveting documentary'' ★★★★ - The Guardian

"Extraordinary footage" ★★★★ - The Telegraph

"Wonderful" ★★★★ - The Financial Times

'A strange, existential and ultimately thrilling story of a woman donning identities with a degree of spy-novel ambition' - LA Times

'Casts a major literary scandal in a new light... compelling' - Indiewire

'Feuerzeig and ace editor Michelle M. Witten expertly weave [the] content together' - The Hollywood Reporter

"What a movie!” - Eugene Hernandez, Indiewire


Jeff Feuerzeig is an award-winning director whose feature film The Devil and Daniel Johnston won the U.S. Documentary Directing Award at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. The film is a portrait of a schizophrenic musician who overcame his private demons to develop an avid international following. Feuerzeig also directed The Real Rocky for ESPN Films’ acclaimed 30 for 30 Series, which views the Chuck Wepner story through the documentary lens.


Director: Jeff-Feuerzeig

Screenwriter: Jeff Feuerzeig

Executive Producers: Robert Sharenow, Robert DiBitetto, James Packer, Marie Therese Guirgis, Eddy Moretti, Shane Smith and Henry S. Rosenthal

Producers: Jim Czarnecki, Danny Gabai, Molly Thompson, Brett Ratner and Henry S. Rosenthal

Associate Producers: Lucas Celler and Casey Feldman

Cinematographer: Richard Henkels

Editor: Michelle M. Witten


Sundance Film Festival 2016

Sundance Film Festival: London 2016

Champs-Élysées Film Festival

Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival 2016

DocAviv 2016

Canberra International Film Festival 2016

Festival Do Rio 2016

DokuFest 2016

New Zealand International Film Festival 2016